Saturday, May 1, 2010

Budget review Show

The the show, Ann Arbor Budget Counterpoint with Karen Sidney and Brad Mikus has been recorded and is in the can, errr on the hard drive actually. It will be cablecast starting on May 5, 2010. The schedule of the cablecasts is in the previous post. The complete show will be posted here, in the form of multiple segments shortly after it is cablecast. The posting is delayed until after it is cablecast because CTN requests the option of having the premiere public showing.

Ever wonder how to go about doing a CTN show? First, you need a guest speaker. Arm twisting is optional, but sometimes necessary.

Then wire them up for sound . . .

Try to think about something to talk about before the cameras roll, err record to the hard drive.

Once you are done everyone is relieved and the crew can put the camera away.

1 comment:

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